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What can an organisation do?

If you think an employee in your organisation may be suffering from depression, there are simple, yet powerful action you can take to help them.

1. Guide employees toward help, perhaps create a confidential referral system.

Add a mental health section to your workplace intranet that provides information on depression (e.g. a link to the iFightDepression website), local support services and a suicide helpline.

Give clear advice to employees who may be affected by mental health problems about how to seek help. Include a statement that employees that think they may be depression should first consult their general practitioner or organise an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

It is important to state that any support services listed are for further support once this step has been taken.

2. Provide handouts/leaflets about depression in the workplace in places easily, but anonymously accessible to employees.

Comply with your legal obligations and conduct a risk assessment of all workplaces including physical and psychosocial risk factors for health and regularly monitor mental wellbeing (e.g. in a staff survey).

3. Be particularly aware of persons who are out of work due to work-related accidents as they may be at particularly high risk for mental health problems.

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