Self-Management Resources

There are several ways to promote better mental health.

Learn how to help yourself and manage your depression.

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Self-Management Resources

Self-Management Resources

Self-management involves:


  • Engaging in activities that protect and promote health

- such as exercise, healthy eating, and regular daily activity


  • Monitoring and managing the symptoms and signs of illness

- by tracking your mood and other symptoms over time, you can observe whether your treatment is working for you


  • Managing the impact of illness on functioning, emotions and interpersonal relationship

- by eliciting social and professional support, you can reduce the negative impact of depression. For more, see our "Links" section


  • Adhering to treatment regimes

- informing yourself about your treatment and being open with your healthcare professional about any concerns will help you to adhere to your recommended treatment, giving it the best chance of working well

(Centre for Advancement of Health, 1996)

The resources in this section will help you to monitor your mood and will advise you on everyday activities and habits to protect and promote your physical and mental health. In combination with the treatment you receive from your healthcare professional, these activities can help you to manage your depression and contribute to recovery.


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